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June 12, 2004


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Larry, I discovered CVM a few years ago myself, and was amazed to find all that you described.

In addition to the 1920s-40s well-maintained housing stock, there are also a few other perks. There's a nice little neighborhood park at the end of Deckner Avenue, with only one way in or out from the neighborhood -- a plus for monitoring "strangers" in the park. (That park also is *not* accessible from Metropolitan, at least by car.)

Also, the dormant rail line proposed to be used for the Belt Line loop runs just north of CVM, between that and University. It ought to be quite accessible from the neighborhood when it's built.

(Actually, I think Ryan Gravel -- Mr. Belt Line -- actually lives in CVM.)

All in all, I was amazed how different the neighborhood felt than nearby Pittsburgh, which is just across University but can feel pretty scary, particularly on the McDaniel St. corridor. (I have friends who live in Pittsburgh and really like the narrow streets and neighborly dimensions, but the area has a long way to go.)



funny that you just posted this and i just happened to find your blog and read about it, and funny how reid just mentioned me. (and if "reid" is also "mister betz", you're in trouble). anway, capitol view manor is great. i do live there. it is right on the belt line, and larry is right - we're ready for some great restaurants and shops up on metropolitan. so if you want to open up a little coffee shop or restaurant in some of atlanta's best affordable intown neighborhoods (cvm, capitol view, sylvan hills, adair park and pittsburgh) bring it on. in the meantime, check out the belt line at www.beltline.org


A coffee shop is soon to open (did you not know that Ryan?)at the Cour de Allene lofts on the corner of Allene and Avon. It is supposed to open in the fall...but I am not holding my breath but in all fairness, Jerry McDowell who is rehabbing the old warehouse building into lofts is committed to opening the shop which will be a wonderful spot for neighborhood residents (I am in Capitol View)to socialize and get to know each other. We need to form a coalition to appeal to developers to look at this area. It maybe a few years down the road but at least we should gain some visibility.

Steve Bavec


I live in Capitol View Manor as well. We recently worked on the park, Emma Millican Park, that was mentioned in one of the previous posts. If you are out wandering the city you may want to drop in on our quaint little park. We spruced up the entry and acquired some new woodland. The trail that starts on the top of the hill lets you leave the city behind. If you have any interest in looking at some of the homes just let us know. We are all anxiously awaiting entrepreneurs to start opening up neighborhood shops along old stewart avenue.

Barbara Schulz

I just found your blog and wonder if you have done a post on the Cascade Heights/Adams Park area or Sylvan Hills? They,too, are in SW Atlanta (the SWATs). If not, I'd love to share some info. Thanks, Barbara Schulz


Hi - I am researching the Perkerson Park and Capitol View Manor area as a first time home buyer. I've noticed that many of the articles and blogs I'm finding, were written prior to 2005. Can anyone tell me how the neighborhood is doing in 2007? Any ideas on Adair park? Thanks!!


Michelle: CVM and the neighboring communities are chugging along. You may have noticed that the Capitol View Baptist church located on the corner of Dill and Metropolitan is undergoing some changes. A developer has purchased the church and plans to build new lofts and townhomes on the lot while renovating the old church building. There are several other major redevelopments planned in and near CV and CVM. We still deal with all of the issues of intown living from crime to unscrupulous investors, but the neighborhood groups are strong and getting stronger. There are lots of parents talking about schools, and Emma Millican Park just got a huge grant from the Blank Foundation for major improvements. Now is a good time to move in while it is still relatively affordable.

Mary Anne

I'm about to put a contract on a home near Adair Park #2 and wondered if the parks are well used and would appreciate any information anyone is willing to give about Adair Park.

Les Howell

I grew up at 451 Shannon Dr., a two-story white brick colonial. The house was originally built by my great aunt & uncle, Mr & Mrs. Hardin T. Herdon. I'm so glad to see the manor and my old house looking so well after all these years!



That is soooo cool!!! I just came across this blog, and while it appears the posts are few and far between, I was particulary drawn to yours as I am now the proud owner of 451 Shannon Drive, which I absolutely adore, and which you are welcome to come visit. CVM is still chugging along, but like most communities in this area, the mortgage crisis has had some effect, though not nearly to the extent of some of our neighbors (Pittsburgh, for instance), which were severly damaged by mortgage fraud. That said, If I were to move and could take my house and move it with me anywhere, I would; I KNOW I would never get what I have here for anywhere near what I paid, even if I paid on the high end. This neighborhood is a true gem that offers diversity, a great school and easy access to major highways and interstates. Even in the worst rush hour traffic, I am rarely more than 15 minutes from work (10th and Peachtree in midtown), whether I take the interstate or take Metropolitan (which eventually becomes Northside). Professionals working in town who want a low crime neighborhood with great houses at very affordable prices and with close proximity to everything from the Braves and Falcons (I'm a season ticket holder) to midtown and the airport, would definitely be making a serious mistake in not taking a very close look at CVM. Great hidden jewel, to say the least. I mean, I'm at home sick, and I just had a neighbor bring me a hot meal -- that just doesn't happen anymore!!!

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