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February 10, 2005


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Larry Felton Johnson has accepted the responsibility for pedestrian safety in East Atlanta. But I finally acknowledged what I've known for a long time, that the most efficient means for the citizen of a neighborhood to have a positive impact is to ... [Read More]



Thanks for the pictures inside the Madison Theater. What is the current status?
I had always heard it could never be made use of due to the lack of parking. If someone is doing a refurb then that is great news.

Jennifer Murray

Larry -

Thank you for taking the time to document your perspective re: pedestrian safety. I am in total agreement with your recommended approach (i.e. educate and enforce). After my presentation the other night, I needed to focus on completing a renovation project at my home which will be final late this week. Early next week I will work with Dennis Madsen, EACA President, to pull together each of the committees to assist with development of short and long range plans. Thank you so much for volunteering your time against this important initiative.



Larry, picking up on our conversation - I forgot the police precinct, but it's the same as the rest of Grant Park. I admit I haven't been too involved in the past year in my neighborhood, I had an initial interest, but it has waned. I would attend a Grant Park meeting tomorrow though, if it wasn't for the Belt Line meeting in Midtown.

Larry Felton Johnson


I'm not current on the Madison situation, but I'll find out soon and post an update. For awhile I would run into the last group of people working on renovations (there've been at least two seperate attempts in the past ten or so years), but all I have is rumors at the moment.

Larry Felton Johnson

Thanks Jennifer. I look forward to discussing it with y'all.

Larry Felton Johnson


If you're with the rest of Grant Park you are in Zone 3 (the zone headquartered in the southwest corner of the park).

Anthony Baker

Canadians stopping for pedestrians. Although I am not sure about English Canada I don't see too much stopping in Montreal. Luckily, on the island of Montreal no one can turn right on red which saves a lot of lives.

I remember I tried a pedestrian crosswalk on Ponce just east of Linwood Ave and some moron actually speed up to pretend he was going to kill me.

I am surprised by the general stupidity of people considering you could probably go to jail a long time for vehicular manslaughter.


Boston is great for pedestrians. And buses and bikes. Cars are ruthless to each other, but very courteous to other road users.

Are there plans available online for the new work in EAV? Are they incorporating any of the brick lined road hump/crosswalks? Those at least make cars have to slow down, and the height makes the crosswalks more obvious.

Spot enforcement of crosswalks would go a long way. They should start with high traffic, high pedestrian areas like Buford Hiway and Memorial. Word would get out: you're risking a ticket.

Larry Felton Johnson


After I saw your note here I browsed around for online renderings of the streetscape plan. I haven't found anything yet, but I'll ask some of the EACA folks at the next opportunity. There was a report on the plan at the last EACA meeting, but I didn't take very coherent notes (first meeting in a long time, I was just refamiliarizing myself).

Sherry Hays

This is an issue that is rapidly becoming a fetish to me. I am one of the drivers that "actually" stop for pedestrians (then cringe as I look in my rear view mirror to be certain that I am not going to be hit. I live in Morningside and travel the roads continuously and I have a problem with pedestrians. Just as you have stated that most drivers are not aware of the crosswalk laws, MANY pedestrians expect cars to stop as the stroll across streets 50 feet from a crosswalk. This is a problem but not the biggest. My main issue - and I have addressed this with Morningside Lenox Park Association, Atlanta Track Club, and VAHI Association, is joggers. This morning on the way in at 6:30 (dark by the way) a woman running south on Highland (in the road with her back to oncoming traffic - ME!) weaves out into the middle of the lane in front of Starbucks to go around parked cars. She never looked back but expected cars to adjust for her. I layed on the horn, she never even flinched. This is not uncommon and is just plain scary! Julia Emmons wrote an article in the track club magazine asking runners to use common sense, obviously this woman doesn't.
My question is - what are the laws governing people in the roads and protecting drivers? I have had runners (two abreast) move into my lane causing me to swerve to avoid them - what if there is another car.

I need help, and am willing to help, do you have any ideas?

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