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March 08, 2005


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Beautiful work..........


It is good to see this project moving forward again, and I'm very curious to see how the residential element turns out.

That said, I just posted a comment at SSP where I laid out the main criticism of the project... basically, the developers bent over backwards in order to make sure that the project was easy to drive to, which really defeats the point of TOD. This is even true of MARTA's own offices (which are at Lindbergh), where most of the high-level staff drives.

With future TOD projects we really need to keep a close eye on this kind of thing. It is just really hard to do a good TOD when half the land right by the station is devoted to parking.

Tommy O

I own property on Lindbers and Ptre hills ave. any advice on the realestate


As of the last two weeks, retail inside the BellSouth towers appears to finally be under construction. MARTA's apartments are coming along nicely as well.

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