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April 28, 2008


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duane marcus

Hi Larry, it was great to see you at the Earl last night. We would like for you to come visit The Funny Farm the next time you are out near Stone Mountain.

Larry Felton Johnson

Hi, Duane! I'd be glad to drop by the Funny Farm. I've bought a lot of plants from y'all in the past, and will drop by Urban Gardener soon too.

Hope to see y'all soon.

Russell Leake

Miriam and I will have to try this place. We finally hit Soul Vegetarian a few months ago.

Larry Felton Johnson

Hi, Rusty. It's funny you should mention Soul Vegetarian. Sue and I ate there this past weekend, and it's the first time I'd been in quite a few years. I had the Jerusalem Rice with "kalebone" (SV's wheat gluten based meat substitute). Sue had a lentil burger. Both meals were very good.

Anastacia Sabriel

Looks like that restaurant is a have to visit place for every vegan.

Will pay a visit there soon.

Thanks for sharing.

Anastacia Sabriel


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