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April 27, 2012


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Oh, wow! I've actually been looking for this video. I remember seeing it a while back, but couldn't remember where it was taken (and therefore couldn't come up with successful search keywords). My fear of heights, or perhaps my Crumbly-Bridge-Screech-Splat-ophobia, made me cry the first time I saw it.

Larry Felton Johnson

This morning was the first time I saw the video. The path is actually called Del Caminito del Rey, and it's near Malaga in Spain. The Spanish government attempted to block people from walking it after two tourists were killed in one year, but people just go around the barriers. Since the cameraman passes several other people on the path, I assume it attracts a steady stream of crazy people.


I was there last summer with a guide. We wore helmets and harnesses and were basically all the time attached to the rock. But it was still a breathtaking hike. (Btw, the guy who filmed the above video fell to his death later in Himalayas...)

I made my own video of the hike using a helmet camera, check it in my blog entry:

Use the tag under the blog post to check couple of other entries including a rappelling video and more photos.

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