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April 10, 2012


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Jon Anscher

I think this is a great reminder of the core purpose of GTD—which ironically does not get much attention in David Allen's first book. In the end, GTD is about opening your life to be able to spend time doing higher level thinking about your horizons of focus. If you regularly spend time on your purpose, vision, and goals, those eventually can impact the decisions you make about "stuff" and how it fills out your tasks, projects, and responsibilities.

Larry Felton Johnson

True, Jon. The first time I tried out GTD, I found myself managing "stuff" with little thought about how any particular task or document got there to begin with, or whether I should even be dealing with it.

David Allen is correct that the day to day system has to be action driven. If it isn't you wind up with something like all the "mission statements" hanging up on company walls, which are generally only thought about while they are being written.

But if I don't have some sort of front end filter based on higher level objectives, I end up with a system which more efficiently processes things I shouldn't be doing to begin with.

Jon Anscher

I completely understand. I always try to remind myself that GTD is a paradigm, not a system. It's easy to get caught up in putting things into the system and forget that we need to be making realistic decisions about items as they come across our desk.


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