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April 13, 2012


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There are over 100 operas? :) A "100 Best Horror Movies Ever" list has changed my viewing habits this week. I'm trying to fill in the gaps a little on the 30 or so I haven't seen (I missed a lot of 70s horror, apparently). It's a little less labor intensive than doing the same with book lists, but I've used some of them to add to my long reading "to do" list, as well.


Although I didn't mean to make it sound like I was disagreeing. Art is too subjective for these lists to be anything more than entertainment. Someone could probably make a list of the 100 best "100 best..." lists at this point. :)

Larry Felton Johnson

Hi, Berni. I at least look over the lists when they pop up. If memory serves me correctly I got only 34 of the "Top 100 Horror Movies". And a few of the choices mystified me.

Unfortunately, 'Ulysses' has always been my obstacle on the books list. The weird thing is that it's entertaining to read, but I can't seem to persist to the end.


I haven't attempted Ulysses yet, even though I was an English major. I have a copy lying around somewhere. I'll give it a try when I'm feeling brave. And if I fail, I'll console myself with a Discworld novel. :)

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